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Can I Afford an Attorney?

Rick works on a contingency fee basis on personal injury cases. This means that Rick will get paid when he successfully recovers on your case. Most contracts are 33 1/3% of the total recovery, unless the claim is a difficult claim, high risk claim or one agreed on between the attorney and client the fee will increase to 40%. If Rick is unable to successfully recover for the client he will not get paid and the expenses and advances he has made to the client will not have to be paid back to him. This is a risk he is willing to take because if he signs your contract he believes in your case.

Consultations are free. Rick will help the client with some expenses and cost in preparing the claim; however said expenses will be reimbursed when the case is concluded.

IN SUMMARY you will not have to pay Rick anything out of your pocket. If he gets paid, it will come from the insurance company or from the corporate defendant if and when they settle or obtain a jury verdict against them. Please note: for criminal and family law cases, a fee must be agreed upon.

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