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Oil Field Accidents

When a fatal accident occurs in an oilfield job site, the family of the deceased is focused on making funeral arrangements and calling family members. The oilfield executives are called to investigate the matter immediately. While the family is mourning the loss of the loved one the insurance company for the oil company is busy contacting investigators and experts to prepare a defense for their case.

Oilfield and refinery accidents often involve equipment failures, fires, tong injuries, high pressure line ruptures, OSHA violations, blowouts, explosions, electrocutions, derrick collapses, or toxic exposure. The rushed work environment often results in a fatal lack of communication between rig operators, heavy equipment operators, and the other contractors operating on site. Oilfield and refinery accidents frequently involve severe injuries or death.

Rick knows the importance of preserving the evidence and filing an Application for Restraining Orders to prevent the oil company or their representatives from removing, modifying or altering crucial evidence at the scene of the accident.

Every minute counts and it is important to have an experienced attorney working on behalf of the family of the deceased employee. Rick is on call 24/7 in the event immediate action is necessary.

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