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Dog Bites

To prove liability in a dog bite case in Texas, the courts require evidence that the dog’s owner knew the animal had a vicious propensity. After the dog has demonstrated a vicious propensity by biting someone, the owner would have a duty to watch that animal and would be liable for dog bite injuries. However, there would be no liability for a first dog bite incident. This is known in Texas as the “one free bite” rule.

Rick DeHoyos law firm pursues dog bite cases aggressively. An attorney should interview neighbors to find out if the dog had attacked other people, even if those attacks were not reported to animal control.

The client should know that damages in dog bite cases are usually covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Rick will not charge for a consultation. He accepts dog bite cases on a contingency fee basis. This means if he gets paid it comes out of the recovery from the defendant or the insurance company. If the case is lost, Rick does not get paid. His recovery is conditioned upon recovering for the client.

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