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Workers Compensation

Rick does not handle workers compensation cases as many attorneys have left this practice of law due to Texas law that deducts the attorney fees from the client’s weekly check that is already being paid at 70% . Rick feels that this requirement punishes the client for hiring a lawyer at a time when the client is most vulnerable.

The good news is that the Workers Compensation laws provide for lifetime medical for any medical treatment related to the injuries sustained from a compensable injury. The bad news is that weekly checks will be paid at a reduced rate and only for a short period of time.

A thorough review is made of all workers compensation cases to determine if a third party may be responsible. If a person or entity that is a not an employee of your employer is responsible for your injuries, there is a possibility that a claim could be filed against the third party. This includes general contractors, defective equipment owned by another entity and employees of other companies that may have caused your accident.

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